Tamba’s Story – Not a Valentine’s Day Baby

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I was already several days overdue and feeling very fed up with being pregnant, but I was determined not to have a baby on Valentine’s Day. Imagine never being able to get a restaurant booking on your birthday because they are all full of schmoozy couples! I started to get strong contractions on February 14th but I tried to ignore them. But when it got to 10pm that evening I thought, “The baby can come now, it won’t come on Valentine’s Day”. My body heard me and the contractions started ramping up immediately.

My husband called the midwife and the midwifery student who arrived at midnight. They arrived to find me in my bedroom, lights down low, TENS machine on, listening to Bob Marley. During each contraction I would dance with low, bouncy movements to the reggae beat. It really helped relax me and get through each contraction. An hour later it was too intense for music and I had moved into the candle-lit bathroom. During each contraction I would squat and move my hips side to side, grabbing onto the bathroom sink. With closed eyes I would will the baby to come down. Sometimes my loud moans would turn into a battle cry as my mind screamed “I am a birth warrior and this baby is coming out!”


During one of these contractions I heard a loud “pop”. My waters had broken, conveniently over the drain on the bathroom floor! Immediately I felt like pushing. “Get me into the birth pool!” I yelled. It was probably only minutes until I got in but it felt like an eternity. I couldn’t wait to get the baby out but was waiting for the warm safety of the water.

With a few pushes the head was out, and just before 3am with one more push, the body was out. The midwife unwrapped the cord from around the baby’s neck under the water then passed the tiny creature to me. I had a peek and announced, “It’s a boy!”