Water Birth

Why waterbirth?
Many women who birth on the CMP use water during their labour and/or birth. For centuries water has been used by women to make labour shorter, easier and more comfortable, to increase the mother’s sense of privacy and to make the baby’s entry into the world gentle and free from trauma. A birth pool gives you a deep pool of warm water in which to kneel or squat or lie, and a comfortable edge to hold on to. Water has been shown to reduce the nee

Where can I get more information about waterbirth?
WA Health has created clinical guidelines and a consumer leaflet for Labour and Birth in Water in Western Australia.See here

Where can I get a birth pool?
If you are planning a water birth on the CMP you will need to organise your own birth pool and liner. At least two weeks before your due date you should also work out how to make the pool ready for use and what extras you might need to assist with safety and comfort. Pools can be bought from Simply Birth from $220, or they can be hired from TheBumpWA. You can book your birth hire pool package through the shop.