Kalamunda Birthing Rooms

About Kalamunda Birthing Room.
The CMP has 2 birthing rooms attached to Kalamunda hospital for exclusive use by CMP clients. These birthing rooms are Midwifery led and there is no Obstetric or Paediatric cover for this you would need to transfer to a hospital. The CMP Midwives run weekly antenatal and postnatal clinics in the Kalamunda rooms and also hold education sessions, mums and bubs and informative talks in the group room on many issues related to pregnancy birth and beyond.

Who is eligible to birth in the Kalamunda birthing rooms?
All clients booked onto the CMP and fit the homebirth inclusion criteria would be suitable to birth in the Kalamunda Birthing Rooms.

How do I find out more about the CMP?
For information about eligibility for the CMP, how to apply, when you meet your midwives, antenatal appointments and postnatal support, see the About the CMP FAQ.

What pain relief can I have?
Water birth is available at the Kalamunda birthing rooms, you would need to hire a pool alternatively a TENS machine may also be useful. Some women may choose to use alternative therapies to assist them in labour such as aromatherapy, homeopathy and hypnobirthing, CMP Midwives do not carry and are unable to administer these therapies. You and your partner will need to speak with a complementary therapist prior to your labour to ensure you are fully informed on the use of such therapies and their safety. Pharmacological methods of pain relief such as ‘gas and air’, pethidine and epidurals are not available at Kalamunda.

What happens if there is a problem in labour or immediately after?
Should a problem arise an ambulance will be called and you will be transferred directly to St John of God Midland Hospital. All CMP midwives have the appropriate training and experience to identify a potential problem and manage emergencies and, if needed, can quickly arrange a calm transfer to hospital. In the unlikely event of an emergency your midwife has the necessary skills and training to provide immediate response to the situation whilst waiting for an ambulance to transfer you to hospital.CMP recommend that all clients planning a birth at the Kalamunda birthing rooms arrange adequate ambulance cover in case transfer to hospital is required.

How many midwives will be at my birth?
You will have two midwives present at your birth. One of your midwives will attend and support you throughout your labour and he/she will call your other midwife just before your baby is about to be born. The midwives work in pairs, as a “buddy” system. This means that in the event that one of your midwives is unavailable to attend, the other midwife will attend in her place, so that you will have a midwife you know at your birth. The CMP also support midwifery students and you may have a student involved during your pregnancy. You may choose to invite his/her to participate in your labour and birth.

What happens after the birth?
Following the birth you will be discharged home after approximately 2 hours and your CMP midwife will continue to provide you with postnatal care for 2 to 4 weeks postnatally. This will vary between home and clinic appointments at Kalamunda.