Family Birth Centre

What is a CMP domino birth to the Family Birth Centre?
A domino birth to the Family Birth Centre (FBC) at King Edward Memorial Hospital is much the same as a CMP domino birth to any of the supporting hospitals. Your antenatal and postnatal care will be provided by your midwife in the community and when you go into labour you will be looked after in labour by your CMP midwives at the FBC.

Who is eligible for a CMP domino birth to the FBC?
Any woman who meets the eligibility criteria for CMP care at booking and also the inclusion criteria for the FBC may apply for this model of care.

How do I arrange a tour of the FBC?
If you would like a tour of the FBC prior to your birth, please ask your CMP midwife to attend to this for you. CMP clients are not entitled to attend the FBC tours as this is for clients who are booked directly with the FBC only.

What antenatal education is available to me?
CMP clients are not entitled to access the FBC antenatal education. Please ask your midwife about CMP classes.

What is the role of the CMP midwife in the FBC?
Whilst in the FBC your midwife will be your lead carer and will be required to follow the hospital/FBC’s policies and guidelines.

Will my CMP midwife be with me at all times during my labour?
During your pregnancy you will discuss your options with regard to when to call your midwife in labour. You may choose to have some of your labour care at home and then together with your midwife make your way to FBC for the birth or you may choose to simply meet your midwife at the FBC once you are in established labour. If your labour is progressing quickly you may choose not to go to the FBC and opt to stay at home instead. CMP midwives carry all the necessary equipment for a homebirth so you can make this decision “on the day” safe in the knowledge that your midwife has everything she needs to monitor you and your baby.

What happens after the birth?
Once you have had your baby your midwife will remain with you until you are discharged home. All babies born at the FBC must be seen by a paediatrician prior to discharge. Providing all is well with you and your baby you will be discharged within 4-6 hours after the birth. If the paediatricians are busy with sick babies in the hospital, your discharge may be delayed. If there is a need for you to stay longer, you will be transferred to the main hospital. Once you have been discharged home your CMP midwife will continue to visit you and your baby at home as per our routine postnatal schedule of care.

How many birth partners am I allowed?
As per hospital policy, you may have two birth partners with you in addition to your CMP midwife.

What pain relief can I have?
You can have all pain relief that would normally be available at a hospital with the exception of an epidural.

Can I have a water birth at the FBC?
Providing you meet the criteria for birthing in water, you may choose to have a water birth. There is a purpose built pool room, however as this is a very popular option and it is not possible to reserve the pool, we encourage you to take your own pool which can be set up in your birthing room.Please see.

What happens if there are no rooms available when I go into labour?
Birthing at the FBC is a very popular option in Perth. The FBC has 4 birthing rooms available. On the rare occasion these rooms are full you will be given the choice of birthing in the main hospital or staying at home and having a homebirth.