About the Program

The CMP is a unique service available to Perth women experiencing a low risk pregnancy. We pride ourselves in protecting, promoting and supporting normal birth with a high percentage of our clients choosing to give birth in water.

The CMP provides safe, evidence-based, continuity of care from known midwives throughout pregnancy, labour, birth and up to two weeks postnatally. The CMP can support you to have your baby at home, at the Family Birth Centre or Kalamunda Birth Unit, or in a public hospital (domino birth) within your catchment area.

The CMP is a publicly funded service, managed by King Edward Memorial Hospital. The CMP follows evidence based policies and guidelines to ensure safe outcomes, including the WA Health Policy for Publicly Funded Homebirths.

Am I eligible for a place on the CMP?
In order to birth with CMP you must meet the following citeria

  • live inside the geographical boundaries (see below)
  • Are aged over 18 years
  • Are pregnant with only one baby
  • Do not have a significant pre-existing medical and/or obstetric history such as diabetes or hypertension.
  • Have not had a child with significant neonatal problems
  • Do not have any condition affecting either mother or baby that increases the level of risk whereby home birthing is no longer considered to be a safe option
  • Apply to the CMP before than 35 weeks gestation
  • Have a pre-pregnancy BMI between 18 and 35
  • Weigh less than 110kg at the onset of labour

If you are planning a home birth – see Home birth

You will be required to sign an agreement form for this model of care confirming that you meet oureligibility criteria.
For clients who have had a previous caesarean section or complicated birth, please call us to discuss your individual birthing options as we may be able to offer a shared care arrangement.

What are the geographical boundaries?
50kms North and 50kms South of the CBD and 40kms East. The north, south and eastern boundary is determined in the north by the Great Northern Highway and in the south by the South Western Highway

Where can I have my baby?
There are three options for where to have your baby – home birth, Kalamunda Birthing Rooms and domino birth in a hospital. For more information about each option, see their FAQs:

How do I apply for a place on the CMP?
See “Apply for a place on the Community Midwifery Program“.

When should I apply?
The CMP is a first come, first served program, so women who submit their applications in the early stages of their pregnancy are more likely to be successful in being offered a place. You can still apply to the CMP in the later stages of your pregnancy, providing this is prior to your 35th week of pregnancy, as places may become available.

What is the cost?
This service is publicly funded, so if you have a valid Medicare card you will incur no costs.

When will I meet my midwife?
Once you have been accepted onto the program and have been allocated your midwife, they will make contact with you within two weeks to arrange your booking interview.This usually occurs in your home at a time that is convenient for you and your midwife.
During this phone contact your midwife will undertake a brief eligibility questionnaire and complete a home visiting form. This forms the first part of our assessment in determining your suitability for care with the CMP.
This initial booking interview may take up to two hours. Your midwife will take a complete history from you and after reviewing this, will confirm if you meet the criteria for care with the CMP.If you have a history that excludes you from care with the CMP, your midwife will help you decide on the best option and refer you onto another health care provider.

How frequent are my antenatal appointments? Antenatal appointments are scheduled as follows:

  • 16 weeks Booking Interview in your home
  • 20 weeks Clinic appointment
  • 25 weeks Clinic appointment
  • 28 weeks Clinic appointment
  • 31 weeks Support Hospital appointment
  • 34 weeks Clinic appointment
  • 36 weeks Home appointment
  • 38 weeks Clinic appointment
  • 40 weeks Clinic appointment
  • 41 weeks Clinic appointment

Appointment times are within usual business hours, Monday to Friday. It may be necessary to arrange time off work for these appointments.Please be aware that Sometimes your midwife may need to cancel your appointment at short notice due to someone else being in labour. Midwives will not usually attend the support hospital appointment.

What scans or tests will I need to do?
The CMP recommend you attend to all routine scans and tests during your pregnancy. However all CMP clients must have a minimum of one ultrasound scan, at 18-20 weeks, to check for fetal anomalies and confirm the location of the placenta. Also a blood group/antibody screen and iron test will be required to be eligible for the program.

When will I see my midwife after I have my baby?
Your midwife will visit you at home on day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4, day 5. On day 10 and day 14 you and your baby will be seen at clinic.