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    CMP HB Poster

    My homebirth journey for baby two didn’t start as planned but I was soon assigned the lovely midwife Sara, who was there for the homebirth of my first, and everything just fell in to line. I educated myself a bit more and was feeling very confident in myself, in my body, in my midwife team and in my baby.

    I didn’t have any definite signs that labour was pending. Before bed on 10 August 2014 I got a bit emotional and my Braxton-Hicks became a bit more regular but nothing that had me suspicious. I was currently 4 days ‘early’ and my son was born 8 days ‘late’ so I figured I had plenty of time – so much so that we hadn’t tested the birth pool – oops. At midnight I suddenly woke up and thought ‘oh something is happening’, I stood up & my waters broke. Hubby was still up so I went and told him and he got the birth pool ready whilst I rang my mum who was going to join us for the birth.
    Early labour surges started about 1.30 am, I’d sent hubby to bed to get some sleep & my mum stayed up with me as I couldn’t sleep anyway. I was way too excited and couldn’t wait to meet our little one. I spent my time on the fit ball, or kneeling against the couch breathing through surges, rocking & swaying and walking. I also used the TENS machine which was amazing. Surges were pretty consistent from the beginning, approximately every 5 mins. At 5.30 am I called the midwife, birth photographer and student midwife, they all arrived by 7 am.

    Labour ramped up at 8 am, baby was posterior so my body had a few long 2 minute surges turning bub into the right position. Breathing through them I was just happy to know bub was turning and doing what he or she needed to do! I continued to use the TENS machine and deep breathing to get me through each surge as they got longer and stronger. I also had a great team around me who encouraged me when I needed it, made a few jokes to make me smile and were silent when I was in the zone.

    About 9 am I got in to the birth pool, pure bliss, it was lovely. From here it was just a matter of letting my body do its job, I was confident that we could do this. My midwives were very understanding of my needs and just let me do what I needed; assisting with massage and encouragement. My husband was amazing, holding my hands and just being there, in the moment, helping me through. At 10.25 am, just when I was starting to think I was going to be in labour forever, I was breathing through a strong surge I felt bubs head move right down. I was so excited, I put my hand down, and our baby was coming! Next surge the head came out and next surge was the rest of our beautiful baby. Born in to the water and lifted straight on to my chest where I first saw HER beautiful face, she was perfect in every way and I was on cloud 9. I wear glasses and didn’t have them on at this point so I had to ask hubby if we had another gorgeous boy or if we had just welcomed a beautiful little girl. Girl she was, Mila Elizabeth Collinge, born 11 August 2014.

    Photography by Cathy Britton